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"Skeeter Davis on the radio, and bugs on my windshield, like I died and went to Heaven!"  -Loren Eyrich
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, June, 2000
A Job With No Mondays

What man or woman, working in corporate America, hasn't had the dream?  The dream, to give it all up, tell the boss good-bye, and hit the road, free as a bird, in a recreational vehicle!

Loren Eyrich had that dream in 1987.  The daydream evolved into an obsession, and finally became a reality.  At age 42, after 19 years with America's largest auto dealer, he walked away from his position as comptroller, turning his back on the walnut desk, health insurance plan, company car, a staff of 40, and a generous salary, for a solitary life on the road in a tiny motorhome, called COW!
"I now have a job with no Mondays!" declares the jubilant traveler.  Deadlines and corporate bureaucracy are no longer a part of his life.  Today, the 54-year-old bachelor explores America's backroads, searching for offbeat attractions, in the COW (Condo-On-Wheels);  a 5th wheel trailer towed by a pickup truck with over 100,000 miles on the clock.  Each year, Loren adds about 20,000 more, nearly all on backroads.
"I live in the COW!" Loren jokes.  "I'm on the road about six weeks at a time, four trips a year."  At the end of each of these trips, Loren spends about six weeks at a home base, printing and mailing his quarterly magazine, Two-Lane Roads. A full-time RVer, Loren lives in the RV year round, on the road about half the year, and the other half at a RV resort park in Fort Lauderdale.

The paper is read by a small but loyal audience of readers.  "We still have fewer than 10,000 subscribers." Loren winks.  "My instant success has taken a few years longer than I anticipated."