Issue 32 - farewell to our printed issues

Our final printed issue, #32, was mailed to all paying subscribers in August, 2002. This issue traced the Old Dixie Highway - eastern branch - from Homestead, Florida, to the Canada border at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Preview issue #32

Issue 32 is the final printed issue of Two-Lane Roads magazine.

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Preview issue #32

Stay Safe in Road

Two-Lane Roads magazine has always been a one-man operation; and that one man - Loren Eyrich - had surgery for colon / rectal cancer, and needed to stay pretty near home for nearly a year for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The treatments are now over, and I am very happy to be cancer free seven years later! get treatment discount

Please bookmark this website and check back for future updates. -L.E.

Two-Lane Roads magazine
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Countless barbecue sandwiches
Update February, 2009:
Since the last issue was published, I returned to the retail auto industry for 6 years, employed as comptroller for a group of used car dealers in Fort Lauderdale. I retired from the auto industry in October, 2008.

I would love to go RVing again someday, but I'm not sure if I can handle it. I have peripheral neuropathy in both legs, a side effect of chemotherapy, and I can walk only very short distances with the aid of a walker.
-- Loren Eyrich

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